REVIEW: 'Destiny, NY' #2 by Pat Shand and Manuel Preitano

After meeting the mysterious Lilith, former prophecy girl Logan McBride's life is thrown into turmoil when her ex (and now, rising MMA star and former prophecy girl herself) Bailey comes back into town.  

Also, Gia is hanging out with Lilith... you know, the woman she's destined to kill.  

Basically, everything is going well.


Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Manuel Preitano
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Release Date: April 28, 2021
Rated: M-Mature
Cover Price: $3.99

★★★★☆ (4/5)

QUICK REVIEW: Time is counting down until Gia fulfils her prophecy - killing Lilith. It's got some people concerned especially after Gia and Lilith share an awkward and serendipitous run-in. Meanwhile, Bailey turned up at Logan's door at the end of the last issue and their subsequent emotional sit-down opened up some old wounds. 

The rising tension of Gia's prophecy to kill is beginning to show as more parties are intervening. This aspect of the series so far has been more subdued while the focus has been more on Logan's relationships and head space. It seems that all those involved are circling the inevitable confrontation and it's becoming a more and more intriguing subplot. 

The talk that Logan and Bailey have is really an emotional moment that feels raw and real. Two different perspectives, two different views of what their relationship was like is both dramatic and stark. Shand's dialogue is sharp and realistic which makes the scene all the more heartbreaking. Logan is pulled in different directions which lands her back into the arms of Lilith. 

Logan's reveal of what her prophecy was is beautifully composed my Preitano in a dreamy sequence that is intercut with panels of her with Lilith. Throughout the issue, Preitano's pacing and expressions are perfectly timed. He gives scenes a beat to breath so readers can soak in the action. 

'Destiny, NY' continues to be a unique slice-of-life drama that feels raw yet ethereal. It's really about relationships that bind us and those that set us free. It often results in resentments and choices that aren't always the healthiest. The supernatural elements are beginning to come to the surface and promise to be a bigger part of the story but it's the interpersonal stories that make 'Destiny, NY' compelling.



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