REVIEW: 'Compass' #1 by Robert Mackenzie, David Walker, Justin Greenwood, and Daniela Miwa

 GREG RUCKA proudly presents a new direction in adventure with... COMPASS!

Writer: Robert Mackenzie, Dave Walker
Artist: Justin Greenwood, Daniela Miwa
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: June 16, 2021
Cover Price: $3.99

Shahidah El-Amin is many things: scholar, cartographer, astronomer, mathematician, scientist, explorer, adventurer, and - when need be - two-fisted fighter. Setting out from Baghdad's legendary House of Wisdom during the Islamic Golden Age, Shahi's quest brings her to 13th-century Britain... where the Welsh are whispered to possess the secret of eternal life. But Shahi's not the only one after it...

Re-teaming from the pages of THE OLD GUARD: TALES THROUGH TIME, writers ROBERT MACKENZIE and DAVE WALKER (LAZARUS SOURCEBOOK) and artist JUSTIN GREENWOOD (Stumptown, THE FUSE, THE LAST SIEGE) take you on a breathless race. Follow the Compass to unlock the secrets of the ancient world! 

Score: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

QUICK REVIEW: 'Compass' #1 is an exciting new adventure series that creates its own magical world while holding on to its historical roots. Lead by an exceptionally learned and trained adventurer, Shahidah, the story takes place in 13th-century Wales and the quest to recover an important relic. When it comes to archaeological adventure it's easy to think of Indiana Jones but 'Compass' will have you experiencing it in an entirely new way. It's historical fiction that's not only rousing but subtly informative. 

Robert Mackenzie and David Walker have created a dynamic protagonist that's smart and can hold her own. The issue is fast-paced and wonderfully designed and colored by Justin Greenwood and Daniela Miwa. You don't see these kinds of comics much lately that kind of sweep you away to a different time and place so wholeheartedly. You can sense the passion with which the creators put this together. The back matter provides a lot of behind-the-scenes information. It's a revealing look at how much of the story is based on facts and people of the ancient world. It's fascinating and adds a lot of context to the issue. 

'Compass' #1 is an entertaining adventure series that might get overlooked but deserves a serious look and addition to any comic fan's pull list. 



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