REVIEW: 'Ninjak' #2 by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido

It's Colin against mutated bounty hunters in another stunning action-packed issue. 


Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Javier Pulido
Publisher: Valiant Comics
Release Date: August 25, 2021
Cover Price: $3.99

Part 2 of "Daylight!"
Who is the trio of extremely powerful bounty hunters that are hunting Ninjak?
Javier Pulido and Jeff Parker's next stop on their action-packed thrill ride brings Ninjak and the songbird agent Myna to Scotland in search of the last remnants of MI6...


★★★★1/2 (4.5/5)

After an eye-popping action-packed debut issue, Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido are not letting up in the follow-up, 'Ninjak' #2. Colin and Myna are under attack from a superpowered trio and have to use their wits to survive. Meanwhile, the man behind Daylight steps forward into the spotlight. 

This latest iteration of Valiant's super ninja and former MI6 agent is just as an adrenaline-fueled series as ever but it's heightened by Pulido's signature kinetic visual style. A monochromatic blitz of color and movement that's playful and impactful. It has all the fun markings of action that are more 'Mission Impossible' than James Bond. Issue two opens up immediately picking up where issue one left off in the aftermath of the train derailment. Colin is attacked by a trio of genetically modified assassins. One can control the weather, one is a giant with metal skin, and the other was gene-spliced with animals. If you ever wondered how a ninja spy would fare against a team of X-Men-type opponents this is it. 

Myna, who was originally sent to track Colin's every move, has become a vital asset to him. She's not just an observer but as beautifully illustrated, she provides intel on the super trio, G3, to find what makes them tick. It is fun to see Myna's impressions of Colin, like a clinical assessment, for what he's thinking but also provides a kind of color commentary on his next moves.  

The slow rollout of the main villain, the Kingmaker, who heads the secret organization Daylight is worthy of kitschy Bond villains of the past. The party scene is a wacky and surprising reveal with the requisite monologue of the Kingmaker's intentions. It's a familiar trope but it's dripping with arrogance and flair that readers will just love to hate. 

'Ninjak' #2 is another action-packed roller coaster ride. Parker and Pulido pull off a dazzling spy versus mutants battle for the ages. The Kingmaker is revealed and he's a total jerk. There's no stopping 'Ninjak' from being one of the most exciting and entertaining comics of 2021.