REVIEW: 'Duplicant' #3 by Karla Nappi and Marianna Strychowska



(W) Karla Nappi (A) Marianna Strychowska (CA) Leila Del Duca

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

All evidence points to Robert Thunnel, head of the dangerous spiritual cult, The Asclepius Project, and Matt's former mentor, as the responsible party for Matt's kidnapping. Fearing for Matt's life, Sean races to rescue him while the hunt for the mole at Regenerist Tech uncovers some hidden truths about a trusted employee.


In Shops: Sep 22, 2021

SRP: $3.99

Score: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

As if a pandemic of widespread organ failure among humans wasn't wild enough, the kidnapping of the man responsible for the science of life-saving duplicate organs is turning out to be a frightening twist that consumes issue three. Matt Travers is assumed to have been abducted by the cult leader Robert Thunnel who deals in black market organs. Every minute Travers is missing is a minute closer to his potential death. 

Karla Nappi ratchets up the suspense and pacing here as Sean and other security forces look to find and rescue Travers. Back at Regenerist Tech, the investigation into the mole takes an ugly turn as anyone who may have an ax to grind gets their secrets exposed. Sean is on a mission to protect the company by any means necessary. The issue raises the stakes and pits Thunnel's The Asclepius Project against Regenerist Tech in the clearest attack so far. 

One of the most effective scenes in the issue involves a flashback of Travers and his family. It works on multiple levels even if it wasn't intended to. The sight of a beautiful black family enjoying a day at the beach is a heartwarming scene full of children playing and laughing. In a time where there is so much ugliness in the real world, a moment like this is nothing but joy, black joy. It takes a turn though. A turn many will recognize because in the early days of the pandemic, both in ours and the comic's, there was confusion and a sense of helplessness. An infected family member suffers, with little to ease their pain. It hits home. 

It's a poignant scene that adds some background to who Travers is. Marianna Strychowska captures it all with such grace and skill. Throughout the series, Strychowska's designs and character beats have gotten better and better. The emotional details in the faces and body language convey a lot without words. There is flawlessness to the framing of each scene and the composition of the panels. 

'Duplicant' #3 escalates the battle between Regenerist and the cult with Travers caught in the middle. It's a tense thriller with a lot at stake and hardly anyone will walk away unscathed. Nappi finds greater focus on this third chapter creating a cliffhanger that propels the story forward. Each issue ups the drama and suspense leading to one riveting series. 



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