REVIEW: 'Paranoia Killer' #1 by Victor Santos


Paranoia Killer #1

4 issue limited series by Victor Santos.

Publisher: Panel Syndicate

She is the reckless FBI Agent Nathalie Laertes. Her twin brother is the international hitman known as Delon Sombre. And now one must become the other. Princess Knight meets Philip K. Dick in this Sci-Fi crime thriller in four parts.


★★★★☆ (4/5)

'Paranoia Killer' is an exciting series by Victor Santos. A thrilling crime story that finds FBI Agent Nathalie Laertes going undercover as her dead twin brother in order to infiltrate a private military contractor. Santos does everything on this book - script, art, letters, design - and the first issue sets the groundwork for an intriguing and action-packed miniseries available at, home of the 'name your price' pricing structure. 

Her estranged brother had always been in some kind of trouble but the truth was he was an infamous mercenary for hire. The cult-like leader of the organization was recruiting her brother so her boss is forcing her to pose as him. The premise is ripe for some suspenseful spy action and we get a little bloody gunplay in the debut setting the tone for the violence to come. 

In the afterword, Santos worried that his visual style would be too cartoony for the seriousness of the series but he admits to stubbornly deciding to keep it that way. Even though Agent Nathalie reminds me of Kim Possible from the animated series of the same name, the result is colorful, impactful, and very adult more in line with Michael Avon Oeming and Javier Pulido.  

'Paranoia Killer' #1 establishes a great spy action premise with a dangerous plot to take down an evil organization. Santos' passion is literally on every panel, in every word, from cover to cover. With a "name your price" option, there's no excuse not to read this fantastic new crime thriller.