PREVIEW: 'Red Sonja 2021 Holiday Special' by Mirka Andolfo & Luca Blengino with Zulema Scotto Lavina


Red Sonja 2021 Holiday Special

writer: Mirka Andolfo & Luca Blengino

artist: Zulema Scotto Lavina

covers: Joseph Michael Linsner (A), Will Robson (B), Cosplay (C), Cosplay (D-RI/Virgin), Will Robson (E-RI/Virgin)

FC | 40 pages | Action/Adventure | $4.99 | Teen+ 

 In Stores 12/01/2021

An all-new She-Devil tale, from ongoing Red Sonja architect MIRKA ANDOLFO and a cavalcade of creators! The grim Sonja is not one for ebullient festivities. But her recent “adoption” of the mysterious child Sitha has (temporarily) melted her defenses, just in time for revelry. But will outside forces aim to prod and pillage put a pause on the party? By MIRKA ANDOLFO (Sweet Paprika)!

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment


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