REVIEW: 'Corollary' #1 by Adam Rose and Robert Ahmad



Writer: Adam Rose
Artist: Robert Ahmad
Publisher: Source Point Press
Release Date: April 20, 2022
Cover Price: $3.99

In a galaxy filled with twin moons, twin suns, and twin planets, everything
comes in twos. Even the people. And if your twin dies ... so do you. This is
the way it's always been. So, when Captain Andromeda's twin loses her life
in a far-off military battle, and Captain Andromeda herself DOES NOT die,
needless to say, the universe demands answers. Answers that the Captain is
willing to give ... to the highest bidder, of course. This is COROLLARY - a
four-issue bombastic sci-fi romp.


★★★★☆ (4/5)

'Corollary' is a lighthearted sci-fi adventure told in eccentric watercolors and with humor. Adam Rose has written a fun story led by a carefree rebellious woman named Andromeda looking for her next gig. In a universe of twin moons and twin suns, when one person dies the twin also dies. This makes Andromeda an anomaly, as she's the surviving twin and has drawn the interest of many to know why but at a price, or rather a bounty to examine her. She has to accept her next paying gig with caution. 

She travels the cosmos in a ship powered by a judgemental A.I., Cass, who's just trying to keep Andromeda on task. The dialogue between them is the best part. An odd couple for sure, but Rose's ear for comedy as the two banter shines through. The predicaments Andromeda finds herself are unique and larger than life. It mixes science fiction and fantasy in a weird mash-up of genres. 

Everything is covered in bright pastels in a groovy cartoony style that is unlike any space adventure you've ever seen. Forget about the blackness of space as it does not exist in 'Corollary.' It creates a colorful eye-popping landscape that envelopes the senses. Artist Robert Ahmad conveys a playful candy-colored world that is warm and inviting. 

'Corollary' #1 sets up a fun exciting adventure full of mysteries left to reveal with a charismatic leading character. The art is as playful and as sweet as cotton candy subverting any space story you've ever seen. Lighthearted and whimsical, 'Corollary' is a fun respite from the heaviness of the real world. It's a palette cleanser for our times.