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REVIEW: 'Night of the Ghoul' #5 by Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla


Night of the Ghoul #5

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Lettered by AndWorld Design
Edited by Will Dennis
Digital Release Date: February 22, 2022
Age Rating: 17+ Only
Sold by comiXology

Score: ★★★★1/2 (4.5/5)

QUICK REVIEW: The slow-building creep-fest that is the intensely unnerving 'Night of the Ghoul' is running at full speed going into issue five, the penultimate chapter. 

Forest is frantically trying to save Merritt and his son from the clutches of Skeen in a revealing issue where the depths of the horror are shown. Scott Snyder writes a white-knuckle-inducing race to the end where the walls begin closing in on Forest and escape is tenuous. It's a wild ride to the last page designed to keep readers on edge. It's Snyder at his best. 

Francesco Francavilla continues to impress with rip-roaring action and disturbing visuals. The pacing is non-stop with one shocking turn after another and it's all captured in a bold color palette made of orange, yellow, and purple. 'Night of the Ghoul' has been a playground for Francavillas' talents relishing a style that is tailor-made for pulpy monster movie horror. This is career-defining work at the highest level. 

'Night of the Ghoul' #5 lets loose and ratchets up the action and chills. It's a great escalation of terror and scares in a fast-paced penultimate issue. It's a fantastic series that once collected will make a cherished volume for horror fans for years to come. 



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