REVIEW: 'Immortal Red Sonja' #1 by Dan Abnett, Alessandro Miracolo, and Ellie Wright



Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Alessandro Miracolo, Ellie Wright
Letters: Jeff Eckleberry
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: April 13, 2022
Cover Price: $3.99 you have never witnessed!

It is a time of British legend! A young Red Sonja, cursed by mysterious chainmail, seeks counsel with the mysterious MERLIN. She seeks to be rid of her curse, in order to forge a future of fantasy and adventure! She will be pursued by the loathsome GREEN KNIGHT, and if she survives and arrives at the Castle Of Merlin, what she finds would be infinitely more than she bargained for.

By the all-star creative team of DAN ABNETT (Justice League Odyssey) and ALESSANDRO MIRACOLO (Red Sonja)!

★★★★☆ (4/5)

Dynamite continues to be on a roll in its Red Sonja titles as another great creative team forges an exciting new tale in 'Immortal Red Sonja.' Dan Abnett and Alessandro Miracolo have conjured up an engrossing fantasy adventure filled with magic that takes a young She-Devil on a dangerous quest. 

One of the best things about Red Sonja, no it's not the chainmail bikini, it's the freedom for limitless storytelling opportunities. The rules are few but the journey is endless. Here, Abnett spins a tale of curses and monsters that will draw in new and longtime readers. New story arcs offer accessibility and world-building that is each creative team's own vision and style. Sonja comes across literally the "Last House" on her way to a kingdom in the hopes of reversing a curse that has plagued her for some time. This house is run by an old wizard who'll let her stop and get out of the rain and get a warm meal. The caveat is that she must share her story with him. 

It's a slow burn of an issue that is driven by each person's tale until things escalate in shocking ways. By the end of it, readers are catapulted into a fearsome new quest with a magnificent cliffhanger. Miracolo's designs are very clean and detailed with flourishes of eye-popping action. The pacing is deliberate so as to quietly engage the readers' curiosity and let the tales play out until there's a crescendo of sword-swinging violence.  There are panels with visceral choreography beautifully colored by Ellie Wright that is understated but packs a punch as Sonja fights for her life. 

'Immortal Red Sonja' is off to the races with another extraordinary adventure from Dynamite Comics. Abnett, Miracolo, and Wright bring their own style and magic to the She-Devil that will delight new and old readers. Curses, wizards, and monsters in a Red Sonja comic, what more could you want?