REVIEW: 'LadyDarke' #1 by Erik Radvon, Samir Simao, Rob Croonenborghs, et al.


Writer: Erik Radvon
Artists: Samir Simao, Gabriel Eskivo Santos, Ross Taylor
Colorists: Rob Croonenborghs
Inks: Matthew Seaborne
Letters: Micah Myers

LadyDarke is a supernatural superhero story that tells the tale of Laura Lenox. Laura carries the ancient mantle of her arcane family while struggling to get through the daily grind of high school.

It’s Spawn meets Ultimate Spider-Man with high-octane energy and balance of family drama, gothic tension, and superhero action.

★★★★☆ (4/5)

'LadyDarke' is a fantastic crowd-funded comic by Erik Radvon, Samir Simao, and Rob Croonenborghs. A supernatural superhero in the spirit of Moon Knight, Spawn, and Shadowman that creates its own mythos with engaging characters and serious end-of-world stakes. 

Laura Lenox is the latest in a long line of supernatural avengers of the night in her family but trying to balance high school with training as LadyDarke is taking a toll. Although she's well-suited for the brooding, butt-kicking hero as evidenced by the exciting opening sequence that pays a clever homage to The Dark Knight Returns, it's exhausting and interfering with school. Unfortunately, there's no time to rest as bigger threats loom. 

Radvon establishes her family history and the threats that lie ahead with great interactions with her grandparents. Some surprises reveal the extent of the supernatural lineage Laura has been bestowed. It's a great expository sequence that feels natural while developing Laura's story. The pacing is quick but not rushed allowing the reader to take in the information on the page. The art of Simao and Croonenborghs fills the panels with dark imagery that's rich and bold recalling early issues of 'Spawn' by Todd McFarlane.

The issue also includes a pair of supplemental short stories expanding the history of the mantle that's Laura's now. Both were written by Radvon with art by Gabriel Eskivo Santos and Ross Taylor, respectively, and add to the mythos. 

 'LadyDarke' is an exciting supernatural superhero series that hits all the right beats. The first issue perfectly crafts the foundation for a much larger story that draws the reader in with familiar origins but is executed with urgency and style. Seek out 'LadyDarke' because it's an exceptional comic.