REVIEW: 'Season of the Bruja' #5 by Aaron Durán and Sara Soler



Writer: Aaron Duran
Artist: Sara Soler
Letterer: Jaime Martinez for AndWorld Designs
Publisher: Oni Press
Release Date: August 10, 2022
Cover Price: $3.99

Althalia Cabrera is desperately trying to do the right thing, but exactly what the right thing is has never been murkier to the young bruja. She can either accept the help of her indigenous religion's ancient death gods and save the life of her beloved abuela, or face the loneliness of being the last of her kind. Shattered by grief and surging with her growing power, Althalia is about to show the underworld what can happen when you threaten the wrong witch's sweet little abuela.

★★★★☆ (4/5)

The endearing and heartfelt magical series comes to a conclusion as Althalia's desperate attempt to return her beloved Abuela to the land of the living comes face to face with the death gods. 

Althalia has spent the arc of the series dealing with her emerging powers while mourning her grandmother. Her grief and desire to find a way to bring her back elevated her powers as she sought every way imaginable to return her from the dead. Her single-minded focus worried her friends as they tried to rein her in fearing that her powers might be unstable. It all comes to a head in issue five as Althalia faces an emotional decision.

Even though magic plays a big part in this series Aaron Duran has really focused the story on the characters. It's about family primarily, both biological and found as each plays an important part in Althalia's journey. The stakes may seem low but because the stakes are personal to Althalia they're understandably larger in scope. Ultimately, 'Bruja' is about love, honoring the past, and looking to the future in order to fulfill your destiny. 

Throughout the series, Sara Soler has created some wonderful colorful designs that are genuinely whimsical and dynamic in representing the allure of the magic. The versatility to convey the emotional roller coaster the characters go through is even more impressive. Illustrating an array of emotions is vital to the story and Soler knocks it out of the park. 

Admittedly, there's been awkward or abrupt transitions from one scene to another and this issue is no exception. Characters are doing one thing and suddenly the story fast forwards to another scene without a bridge. Overall, it doesn't interfere with the story but does feel clunky and noticeable. 

'Season of the Bruja' concludes with a charming and emotional end that brings closure and new possibilities. 



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