REVIEW: 'Junction Jones and the Corduroy Conspiracy' #1 by TC Pescatore and Locogonzales



Writer: TC Pescatore

Artist: Luciano Locogonzales Cruzado 

Publisher: Scout Comics

Release Date: March 15, 2023

Cover Price: $4.99

In the derelict slums of the multidimensional town of Junction, Mister Nibs and Junction Jones scour the dangerous alleyways in search of illicit organic material to sell off at the local black market chop shops and transmutation garages, until an anonymous tip leads them to the remains of a murdered Earth hobo. The evidence they uncover on the body points to a vast government cover-up, a conspiracy of which they're now inexplicably at the center. Their first instinct? Run and hide! But a suspicious maintenance team that just so happens to arrive at the same time, looking for the same body, may hamper that. In the ensuing stand-off Jones decides the best option may be a joke; will it fall flat or land?



QUICK REVIEW: 'Junction Jones' is a down-and-dirty mysterious conspiracy story set in a multidimensional dystopian setting where human bodies are sold off for parts, anthropomorphic animals work as cops, and a foul-mouthed cast isn't a cat at all. It's a quirky crime thriller that finds private investigator Junction Jones and Mr. Nibs following a hot tip to an alley in the slums where they find more than they bargained for. Soon, they're discovered by a dubious group of "cleaners" and bloodshed ensues. 'Junction Jones' blends a number of genres that writer TC Pescatore handles extremely well. The noirish investigation in the shadows of a dilapidated corrupt part of town with a tough-talking partner and no one they can trust. The sci-fi aspects elevate this from your usual murder mystery although the use of an overly long joke setup when Jones is cornered hampers the pacing. Despite having a talking cat and laser guns, the idea that a shady crew of people with guns drawn would patiently wait to hear the punchline of a joke for pages at a time is a bridge too far. Locogonzales' gritty line work and action choreography plus the moody composition in the spirit of great black and white film noir gives the issue the proper tone and setting that draws readers in. 

'Junction Jones' delivers a mostly intriguing and exciting new entry into the sci-fi noir subgenre with this conspiracy thriller. Many questions remain but Pescatore and Locogonzales nicely set up the series with a great cliffhanger that will surely hook readers.