REVIEW: 'Grammaton Punch' #3 by Miles Gunter, Briane Andan, and Lee Loughridge


Writer: Miles Gunter
Artist: Briane Andan, Lee Loughridge
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: ComiXology Originals
Release Date: May 3, 2023
Cover Price: $2.99

Van starts his freshman year and is shocked to discover his high school is ruled by a gang of ghosts feeding off his classmates' adolescent energy. What's worse the gang's leader is Zags, a powerful feeder who got the best of Van in the past and is now eager for round 2.


★★★★☆ (4/5)

'Grammaton Punch' has been an entertaining all-ages action series that features the teenage Van who was born during a solar eclipse and has the ability to see ghosts among the living, fighting to keep them from sucking the energy from people. With help from Rick, Van learns to navigate his power and the gang of ghosts at his high school including the powerful leader, Zags. Each issue uncovers new things about the ghosts and now Van has to adjust to high school while battling the ghosts no one else can see.

 It's endlessly charming from Van and Rick's partnership between the precocious teenager and the older ghost expert to the coming-of-age subplots including the butterflies of meeting a girl. Miles Gunter weaves these tried and true teen tropes with anime-styled action pieces with ease creating a fun humorous adventure that should appeal to all readers. 

Briane Andan and Lee Loughridge create a distinctively colorful and fast-paced environment. The ghost designs are very creepy and creative, reminiscent of the Momo challenge demon to hints of Johnny Rotten, even the pineapple head leader is imposing. With so much going on, the propulsive action requires plenty of sound effects by Taylor Esposito. Combined, the artists seem to be having as much fun illustrating the story as readers will in enjoying it. 

'Grammaton Punch' offers something for all comic book fans. It's an all-ages action comedy series that delivers on both and is effortlessly appealing.