If you enjoy thrills of all kinds, these Kickstarter campaigns will have exactly what you're looking for. Whether it's supernatural monsters or a pulpy crime thriller, Kickstarter has some popular titles that are irresistible. Check out this week's highlights and pledge now!

Mary Shelley’s School For Monsters: La Llorona In The Machine by Jessica Maison & Anna Wieszczyk


A supernatural Mary Shelley and her misfit monster crew use magic, friendship, and snark to rescue creatures in a crisis like La Llorona.

After a young Mary Shelley encounters an occult scientist, Dr. M, she is accidentally split into two versions of herself: the literary giant who goes on to write Frankenstein and a supernatural girl, Shel, who spends her immortality fighting evil humans who exploit monsters. Shel teams up with Frank, Dr. M's failed experiment, and Necro, the powerfully cute book of the dead, to rescue monsters and start a school for them deep in the Primal Woods. The legendary Medusa and local forest wisp, Will, complete their monster-rescuing team.

In this latest adventure, the infamous bogeywoman from Mexican American folklore, La Llorona, has been kidnapped by a villainous video game programmer, Edith Sharp. In an attempt to make the scariest game on the market, Sharp traps La Llorona in the game, and the children playing it are going missing. Shel and the monster team need to rescue La Llorona before the townspeople get involved and endanger their very livelihood.

One True Love by Mario Candelaria & J. Schiek


Greed, paranoia, and lust are set in the shadow of 1960’s Hollywood.

From writer Mario Candelaria (Killchella, Fog Line, Ashes) and artist J. Schiek (Hush Ronin, Tales From the Pandemic) comes a brand new nail-biting mid-century crime thriller. After pulling off the score of a lifetime, East Coast mobsters Peter and Paul try to lay low at their childhood friend Matthew's home in the Hollywood Hills until the heat dies down. Paranoia and mistrust quickly ramp up when Matthew's daughter Amber unexpectedly returns home, adding a chaotic element to their plan that fractures the crew. 

Scott Snyder Presents: Tales from the Cloakroom Vol. 2 by Logan Rodgers


A multi-genre anthology that is sure to bring the thrills, chills, and feels! 

Tales from the Cloakroom collects comics by students of Scott Snyder's (Batman, Wytches, Nocterra, Barnstormers) comics writing class, with each creator has taken a “jacket” as their prompt in homage to Scott Snyder’s Best Jackett Press studio. Whether it’s a receptacle for a small treasure, a catalyst for a quest, or the wrong dust jacket on a mystical book, each creator ran with their ideas and crafted a cornucopia of short comics that are truly for any and all comics readers.