SDCC 2023: Visionary Cartoonist Matt Lesniewski Brings FACELESS & THE FAMILY #1 to Oni Press


 From the magnificently distorted imagination of Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Matt Lesniewski (MIND MGMT BOOTLEG, CRIMSON FLOWER, THE FREAK) comes a new milestone in comic book storytelling that must be seen to be believed: FACELESS & THE FAMILY #1 (of 4)!

Debuting with a double-sized, 48-page first issue in November, FACELESS (for short) is the latest and greatest masterwork from the New York-based cartoonist who first rose to prominence with his graphic novel debut, THE FREAK from Adhouse Books, earning a 2020 Eisner Award nomination in the process. Lesniewski's subsequent collaborations with New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt - including the acclaimed CRIMSON FLOWER and MIND MGMT BOOTLEG – earned him an even wider audience...but FACELESS represents an even more monumental evolution in Lesniewski's considerable powers as a storyteller and cartoonist. 

A heart-breaking saga of friendship, redemption, and adventure on a harsh and unforgiving foreign world, each issue of FACELESS pulsates with Lesniewski's manically detailed, hyper-rendered line art – representing a new level of artistic accomplishment and virtuosity from one of the one of the industry's most celebrated new artistic talents.

“I’m really happy to have found the perfect publisher in Oni, who are going the extra mile to showcase Faceless in the best possible way,” said Matt Lesniewski. “This comic has taken me more time and effort than any of my previous ones, and I hope it shows. If you like super detailed art, black and white comics, and just general weirdness, then this will be a treat!”

On the broken and warped world known as the Hand Planet, the wanderer simply called "Faceless" ekes out an existence on the margins to escape the shame that cost him his name and his identity. Exiled for his crimes, Faceless now calls the wastelands his home –until the good fortune of fate delivers him a mismatched band of fellow travelers who will soon become family...if they can survive a suicidal mission into the Hand Planet's class-segregated Finger Cities to restore what lies beneath Faceless' helmet and, with it, his hope in humanity. 

"Matt Lesniewski is one of the most talented cartoonists of his generation, and it is a true honor to bring FACELESS & THE FAMILY to Oni Press," said Oni Press President & Publisher Hunter Gorinson. "Each page of FACELESS is a breathtaking feat of visual originality, and we're taking great care to reproduce the painstakingly fine detail of Matt's pristine artwork without compromising its original, black-and-white form. Comics executed at this level are not common, and FACELESS is true must-have material for any serious fan, reader, or connoisseur of the comics medium."

Part epic fantasy adventure, part science-fiction odyssey, and an unparalleled expression of Lesniewski's extraordinary artistic vision, experience the unrestrained power of comic book storytelling at its most visionary in FACELESS AND THE FAMILY #1 – a double-sized, 48-page debut coming from Oni Press in November! 


Written & Art by Matt Lesniewski

Cover A by Matt Lesniewski


Courtesy of Oni Press